Taking the Plunge

A few days ago I made a decision around something I was wavering about. I recommitted to going to Holland even though no one has signed up for my sound healing workshop. I was feeling very nervous about it, basically in regard to spending money with the possibility of not making enough money to make it financially viable. The discussion I had with my friend Paul, who is hosting me along with his partner Jane, was about going out on a limb and the fact that when we do that some of the best stuff happens. As Gabrielle Roth once said (possibly in reference to something else, but it fits), "That's when things get really juicy."

Just now I read Seth Godin's blog post for today. It feels very applicable.

Reckless abandon (is neither)
It's not reckless, because when we leap, when we dive in, when we begin, only begin, we bring our true nature to the project, we make it personal and urgent.
And it's not abandon, not in the sense that we've abandoned our senses or our responsibility. In fact, abandoning the fear of fear that is holding us back is the single best way not to abandon the work, the pure execution of the work.
Later, there's time to backpedal and water down. But right now, reckless please.

Once I made a clear decision I felt relieved and unafraid. I have gone from feeling nervous and anxious to very excited.

Plus, as it turns out spring is late this year in Holland, as it has been here, and apparently the tulips are only just starting to come out- which means I will be there at the peak of tulip season! That in itself will be worth the price of admission.
Photo by An Maria C