Sound Observance

This afternoon when I was out in my yard, I walked over to a honeysuckle bush to smell the blossoms. Nearby I noticed a bumblebee gathering pollen from it. As I stood there and got quiet, a humming began to emerge and as I got quieter still, it grew into a gentle buzzing. It was a large widespread bush with arching branches, only the lower ones drooping down enough for me to smell them and as I stood there I began seeing more and more bumblebees flying lazily from flower to flower. I felt like I was in a sacred space and I crouched down slightly and stepped under the curved branches so that the bush was all around me. I stayed there listening to the electric sound of the bees feeling like I was in a small cathedral enveloped in sound, fragrance and the energy of the bees.  It felt very warm and meditative- in fact I think I shall put a small chair under there so I can spend more time observing the sound and energy. It was such an incredibly pleasant feeling, embraced in that buzzing vibration of life.