Sound Revelation

Today's sound revelation- that different sheep have very different voices! Yesterday I went down to the edge of the river to look at the new dock and there was a sheep with a very deep voice "Baaa"ing at us. Coming toward us on the river was a scull with four or five people rowing toward us. I heard a very high-pitched "Baaaa" and the big sheep with the deep voice replied. Again there was a high-piched "Baaa". I started laughing because I thought it was someone in the boat answering the sheep. After the third time I realized it was actually another sheep and not someone in the boat goofing around!   Today Paul, Jane and I were walking down to the edge of the river and there was the flock of sheep again. This time I heard several voices and there was no one else but us in sight. Maybe you already knew that but I found it very exciting, silly as it may sound!