The Healing Power of Sound

There is a new film coming out called The Healing Power of Sound. I am wildly excited about this. Apparently was shown at Cannes this past weekend. It is so wonderful that there are more and more films coming out sharing the power of this beautiful, noninvasive, highly effective healing modality. This is good news!
Himalayan singing bowls balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain and create deep alpha and theta waves which induce states of deep relaxation, spontaneous meditation and healing.
Also my teacher Silvia Nakkach has a new CD coming out. She has started a Kickstarter campaign to cover production costs. Given that she is one of the most brilliant, beautiful, beautiful, wise and talented women and teachers that I know, with a voice like silk and honey, of course I am supporting her campaign to spread her sweet sounds. I hope you will click here and go to the link and check out the video. Really- it is just so sweet and you will get a lovely sample of her voice!