Banjo Kirtan

Woke up singing. Had a song in my head I wanted to learn- a kirtan actually- so as soon as I got up I went downstairs and listened to a recording I had of it from one of my friends at kirtan camp last summer. She had also recently sent me the chords so I sat down at the harmonium and began learning it. I played straight through until 9:30 a.m. when a friend stopped by to look at some singing bowls. We did the bowl thing, then sat on the porch together and had coffee and a beautiful conversation and connection. When she left I went back to singing until my son Nic and my grandson arrived a little after 11. I learned it on the harmonium, the guitar and the banjo! My first kirtan on the banjo- very exciting!

I had a really nice visit with Nic and Jonah- delicious lunch and badminton and then after they left I went back to playing it for the rest of the afternoon. Eventually I fell asleep on the chaise longue, then got up and went in to Newport to see the new movie "Love and Mercy" about Brian Wilson and was immersed in Beach Boys music for a couple of hours. It is really a pretty incredible movie, very well done, and quite difficult to watch at times, but it is as brilliant as he is and is a really beautiful and powerful tribute to his sensitivity and genius.

And guess what I did when I got back. Yes, I sat right back down with the guitar and started practicing the kirtan again!