Words of Love and the Land of Nod

I have not posted as frequently lately, but that is because I have spent so much of time actually immersed in sound that I have not had time to write lately!

These tools are so powerful. I have been doing this work for so many years and it never ceases to amaze me. Today I gave an oncology patient a session with the tuning forks and she had a really great experience and felt wonderful afterward.

Last night I was up very late going through old journals reading testimonials from 1995 when I first started working with the Dreamweaver vibroacoustic environment all the way up to 2011- the last year I had the sound healing center.

Here is a very short one from a 7 year old girl who had a five-minute session about 20 years ago:


I was around a wall but the people were out side.
I was dancing inside the wall.
Thank you"... /

So cute!

Another from 1999:

The loving healing you offered me was just what I needed. The earth toned embryo at the end will stay in my mind's eye forever.
I feel reborn!
Thank you for your love and unconditional healing"...

And a very sweet poem that my friend Joyce was inspired to write after her session a few years ago:

"Now I lay me down to breath
      Search my soul for what it needs
As sound is seen
And vision heard
      I soar within
            On God's word
                    Truth is there
                    My spirits free
      Please come back on earth with me."

Two nights ago I couldn't get to sleep so once again I decided to use the brain tuners, which have never failed me yet. Same old story- I tapped the fundamental and the one that goes with it to create a delta frequency and sure enough about 30 seconds later I put them down on the bed next to me and went straight off to sleep!