Blind Faith

Today I didn't even make it on to the highway. I drove very slowly around the parking lot at the Comfort Inn and decided that something was definitely wrong and I was not comfortable getting on the road. Fortunately it turned out that there was a great repair shop 3 miles down the road from where I was, in Atkins, VA. Two really nice guys who were super helpful and after some time discovered that my new friends at Pep Boys had not put the right rear tire on properly yesterday after they balanced the tires! Seriously? Oh my god! I could have been killed on the highway. I was seriously pissed when I realized it. Anyway, they got me all squared away and back on the road. Got in the car and turned on the radio and guess what song came on?! I started laughing my butt off.

I am now officially in the northeast- crossed over the Pennsylvania line around 8 pm this evening! Should be back home in RI sometime late tomorrow- of course I thought that two days ago and I'm not there yet!