Back to the Present

In an effort to keep current, as well as to share a bit about my travels, I am jumping back to the present here! That may have been a sentence full of oxymorons- but I like the concept of jumping back to the present. ;-)

Anyway, one of the things I have committed to do is listening to lots more live music so last Saturday, the night after Joan Armatrading's wonderful concert, I went to see Geoff Muldaur in Common Fence Point. What a great show- and in such a small intimate setting. I am really enjoying these concerts put on by CFM. They take place in a sort of fellowship hall with long tables that seat 12-14 people. Lots of people bring food and do a sort of potluck dinner before the show. It feels very homey and comfortable even when I don't know a soul!

I have noticed a distinct difference in the way that I feel having soaked up some live music in the last week- a very positive lingering effect.