Baby Baby Burning!

Listening to great music on Youtube... Crazy busy lately- trying to chill in between sound journeys, Integrative Care patients, sessions at home, helping a friend out with her Etsy shop, promoting workshops, cleaning out my koi pond, spending time with family, cooking, singing, dancing, practicing music and every other little thing that life entails!
The above is my newest all-time (at this time, til another great one crosses my radar) favorite video. Plug in your good speakers, turn it up and dance like no one is watching!

Very excited about the video that was posted on Facebook of the Sound Journey I did last Friday night at The Cedars Nursing Home in Cranston. There was an awesome turnout- I think more than 60 people. It streamed live on Twitter and Facebook and the video that is on FB has now gotten over 1400 hits in only a few days. Here is the link to the video for those of you who are on FB. I suggest you skip through the first 15 minutes which is just me finishing setting up- boring! (You have to scroll down a little ways on the page to get to the video- apparently there is no direct link.)