Moving Forward

Feeling very good about continuing changes and improvements to this website- and psyched about the website in general- the fact that it is so much easier for me to add posts and new events with this new Squarespace web design. I was beginning to avoid the old one because I was having such a hard time posting my events.

Am in Sedona, AZ right now with my sister Miranda, having a great time and very excited about going down to Scottsdale on Sunday night to see The Zombies and The Rascals. We started the day off with Nia today, a movement practice that combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness. I had actually wanted to try it years ago when I first heard about it but never did it. I loved it! The music was fabulous and I have been loving getting back into dancing again lately- for so many years it was kind of a personal practice and therapy for me and a way to really immerse myself in the sounds and rhythms of music. It was the perfect way to start the day.

Yesterday we played pickleball, something else I've never done before that was totally fun. Last night I woke up with cramps in both my calves! Yikes- so I'm using muscles I haven't used for a while but that's okay. It feels good to be alive, doing new things and continuing to love life.

Tomorrow morning we are going for a hike. Everything is so beautiful here so I am really looking forward to it. I've said it before and I'll say it again- life is good!