Observing Intervals 3.28.11

So, I spent last week visiting my mother and giving lots of Biosonic Repatterning sessions with the Solar Harmonic Spectrum tuning forks. It was really pretty amazing. I gave 12 tuning fork sessions over a period of 7 days- I don't usually give that many in a year unless I'm teaching a workshop! So it was really sort of an exploratory journey for me.

The way this protocol works in a nutshell is that the practitioner (that would be me in this case) plays a series of intervals for the client. The Solar Harmonic Spectrum is a set of 8 Pythagorean tuning forks- C, D, E, F, G, A, B & C- which are played two at a time and held a couple of inches away from the listener's ears. The combination of tones create specific intervals which affect and realign different aspects of the nervous system, activating the body's built-in healing mechanisms and gently bringing the bioenergetic system back into alignment. For the practitioner the sounds are very quiet. You hold the tuning forks up to the other person's ears and they can hear the tones for a surprisingly long time, well over a minute, but for the practitioner the audible sound does not last long at all. However the skin and bones are great conductors of sound so even though we do not hear the sound after about 20-30 seconds it still affects us because we are holding the tuning forks and that sound is going into our body- and the sound frequencies are reaching us through the air even though we can no longer hear it.

The first little jolt of super-awareness I had was when I was giving my mother one of the very first sessions when I got there. I was sitting at her head, very quietly and semi-tranced out and had begun playing the interval of the third (C & E) after a series of other intervals. Suddenly I had an emotional issue come up that I didn't even know was still an issue- nothing to do with my mother, something totally separate and out of the blue- and suddenly I had tears streaming down and was trying hard to hold back my runny nose lest I disturb her repose! I was sort of shocked and began thinking about how I could resolve the issue after I finished the session. And then I picked up another combination of tuning forks and the issue disappeared as quickly as it had come up and I thought, "Wow- that was totally that specific interval that brought that up." And it did not come up again so apparently in that process it really was resolved- I didn't need to follow up at all on it later. There was no more charge around it when I thought about it. And then I really started paying attention to my thoughts and feelings throughout the process.

The whole protocol is very meditative for me and overall that was my general experience but nonetheless in the background there were still thought processes and I began to be very aware of how they changed with different intervals. The fifth (C & G) seemed to be the most expansive. I would become instantly quiet and feel as though I were expanding in all directions. I understand it as being connected to the Golden Ratio and the image of the Vitruvian Man, the expression of perfect proportion and symmetry. Also it represents the balancing of the five elements- earth, water, fire, air and akasha.

The next thing I noticed was when I played the interval of the sixth (C & A) I became extremely left-brain and started analyzing math patterns related to the Fibonacci Series, some of which I have since held in the vault of my mind to work out on paper or on the computer when I have time- I have a lot of follow-up study to do!

The fourth (C & F) also seemed to evoke more of an analytical response in me as well as a certain intuitive understanding.

The second (C & D) consistently felt to me like being blanketed in a soft silvery feminine energy, like that of the moon.

My sense of the seventh (C &B) was a higher level of esoteric understanding and the octave (C- 256 hz and C-528 hz) felt to be the integration of Heaven and Earth, the descent of Spirit into Matter. John Beaulieu also suggests this as being representative of the yin and yang, female and male energies particularly represented in the voice with the male voice being an octave lower typically than the female when singing in unison.

In writing this, I am giving my overall energetic impressions of these intervals- however each session was vastly and uniquely different even though the energetic qualities of the various intervals remained fairly consistent from my point of perception. Each person who received a session (or more than one) found it to be extremely relaxing, enjoyable and helpful on many levels. One person told me afterward that she is very self-conscious and has a hard time letting go so she didn't think she would be able to in the first session but she found herself totally relaxing within minutes. And again that speaks to the power of sound, when utilized consciously, to fully engage us to the extent that everything else drops away. It allows us to become fully present to that place within us that is pure joy and peace that is always accessible- but that we are not always available to experience.