Sanskrit mantra for abundance 5.15.11

Several days ago I was looking up a Sanskrit mantra for abundance. I ran across this and it is short and simple .I love this woman's voice and her pronunciation is wonderful so I am going to work with it for a while. My intention is to do at least one mala a day- 108 repetitions- for 40 days. Will keep you posted!

(One hour later) Just finished my morning mantra meditation practice. Chanted the mantra 108 times aloud, then silently (in a whisper), then totally silently/mentally as I had been instructed by one of my teachers, Shyamji (Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar), several years ago (not specifically for this mantra but another one that he gave me.)

It was very interesting as subtle awarenesses began to slowly surface in my consciousness- which I didn't really notice unitl I began the third mala and was just chanting mentally. In the beginning I was just in the experience of chanting aloud and it seems that during this process the actual vibratory sound of the mantra began to seep into my physical body and entrain the nervous system. As the chant became quiet, just a whisper, my whole being became very quiet and with the third time through on the mala just chanting mentally I could feel subtle energy running throughout my body but the greatest awareness in my middle, ring finger and baby fingers. Throughout my body a very quiet vibration moving through... my cells? my nadis? Don't know but it felt good. Also light began to come forward on the last series of repetitions. When I finished the third series of repetitions on the mala I sat quietly and began to experience waves of blue and golden green light. Then it shifted into a beautiful deep rose color that I really had never experienced before.

As I write this it is also coming back to me that as I chanted I became aware that the sound seems to pierce blockages in the physical body allowing it to up and become more and more receptive to the frequency. It clears and balances the energy channels then begins to work more deeply as the sound gets quieter- much the same idea as homeopathy. The quieter the sound the deeper and more powerful the effect. It clears the channels within the body and then begins working on the subtle bodies. As the system aligns with the frequency of the mantra it then expands out into the auric field filling the aura also with the vibration of the mantra so that one's whole being becomes receptive to the frequencies of the vibratory essence of the mantra, thus attracting the specific energy of the seed sounds of the mantra.

And as a side note, this also makes clear the need for proper pronunciation of the individual phonemes of the mantra- because they each carry and convey a very specific vibrational quality that is necessary to achieve the desired results of the mantra.

When I got up a felt very enlivened and happy. I noticed that I liked myself when I looked in the mirror- rather than having the usual critical thoughts about myself- and then thought "Ah, that must be from doing the mantra. " And of course just taking the time to sit for a bit as well, which is always good for the soul.