Wholistic Composition 5.21.11

Arrived in Minneapolis last Wednesday, ostensibly to visit my eldest son Namdev, his wife Kim and my granddaughter Patience who live here. My second to oldest son and his wife, Moose and Addie, who had never been out here were meeting us here as well. To my great and happy surprise though I had also found out that Zoe Keating was performing the first night I was arriving. So Kim and I went to see her while Namdev and Pay met Moose and Addie at the airport and had dinner with them.

The first time I saw Zoe Keating on YouTube less than a year ago, performing "Escape Artist" I was totally mesmerized, hooked and had tears in my eyes by the end of it. I have no idea how many times I have watched it since. Some days the melody line is continually floating through my consciousness. We saw her in a small venue, the Cedar Cultural Center, and were in the second row. I have been to more concerts than I can remember where I have had a lousy vantage point and been so frustrated by someone's big head right in my way, twisting this way and that, craning and straining my neck to see, and was so delighted to have such a great close up vantage point! She started off with "Tetrishead". This video is not great resolution but it is a beautiful rendition.

Not much can be said after that. Just so astounding, her brilliance as a composer combined with her sense of rhythm and mastery of technology that in the end sounds like an orchestra of cellos. It was absolutely wonderful.

So in my mind this was a very auspicious arrival. The rest is yet to come- later the sounds from the Quaking Bog where we went walking yesterday!