Strange Encounter in Amersfoort

I started off the day today by giving a sound meditation with Tibetan bowls to Paul and Jane's Practitioner Training group which was quite lovely- about ten people all lay on the floor on tumbling mats. Interestingly, every person who shared seemed to feel the bowls strongly in their heart. It was sort of amazing the similarity that they described in that aspect of their experience. Maybe it's because they have been together as a group now since October so they are unusually connected, rather than a group that has just come together for the first time for the purpose of experiencing a Sound Journey.

After that Jane and I went to Amersfoort, a nearby city, the heart of which has retained it's medieval origins in it's architecture. It was really very beautiful. In 1300 a defensive wall was built around the city but about 80 years later it needed to be enlarged so a second wall was built around the first and the first one was taken down. The bricks from the original wall were used to build more houses. The front of theses houses were built on the original foundations of the first wall and is now called Muurhuizen (wallhouses) Street.

So Jane and I had just gotten to Muurhuizen Street and hadn't walked more than 50 yards when we were stopped by an old man, easily in his early eighties, who was about to go into his house and invited us in to see the inside of his house. He was quite persistent so in we went! Wouldn't you know he was musician- he played contrabass. The first thing he showed us was his toilet! Unfortunately I still haven't figured out how to get pictures to my blog so to understand why, you'll have to go to my Facebook page! Seriously- I am not saying this to plug my Facebook page- it's just the only place I've been able to upload pictures since I got a new computer!

Anyway it was a kind of a wonderful and bizarre visit. His house seemed like something out of "Amelie", the living room absolutely packed full of all kinds of knick knacks, photos, stuffed animals, crazy old instruments... God knows what! But it seemed so oddly auspicious that he was a musician. I got very excited and tried to tell him that I am a sound healer but absolutely nothing we said really registered. He just wanted to show us everything in his house. He showed us pictures of his family, his father, his brother- old pictures- very old! But it became apparent quite quickly that if we could stay all day he would have been very happy so finally we told him we had someone to meet and sort of backed out the front door of his funny narrow little house. He asked when we were coming back and told us to be sure to ring his doorbell and pay him a visit when we were back! His name was Fritz. He was sweet and lovely and I'm sure if you go to Amersfoort you too could simply knock on his door and he'd let you right in!