Enigma - Remember the Future full album

This is a video combining the often erotic and always hypnotic music of Michael Cretu/Enigma with extraordinary visuals that is full of surprises.  I would love to watch this on a large screen with an excellent sound system and the freedom to move and dance within the space.  I hadn't heard this album before but I have most of their other albums and all of the albums that contain the songs on this video.  Very different to hear them with visuals attached to the music. The imagery from the first album did not have a lot of surprises for me but the ones after that most definitely did. Someone sent me this video ages ago and I hadn't ever watched it.  Tonight I saw it and thought how much I missed hearing their music so I decided to listen/watch- so glad I did!

The only downside is that it made me miss having the Soundweaver set up so much! For those of you who don't know, the Soundweaver is a vibroacoustic sound healing environment comprised of a mat with speakers built into it which is set up on a massage table surrounded by a large copper dodecahedron.  You lie on the mat and when music is played through it you feel the vibrations of the music through your whole body. It is really a phenomenal experience- deeply relaxing, powerful, healing, blissful, cathartic- words cannot describe it. I used to love to listen to Enigma on it and their music is incredible for sound   healing sessions- I use it a lot when I have it set up.  This is the first time in almost 20 years that I haven't had it set up either where I'm living or in a designated healing space and suddenly it is beginning to feel like it's almost time to get it going again!