Change is Afoot (God is Alive)

Well, I think for many it has been a rough transition from 2012 to 2013.  Many people I have spoken to in the last 3 days have lost loved ones or someone very close to them has.  It seems like a lot of people checked out at the end of 2012.  I (like many) became painfully aware of it with the awful tragedy in Newtown, CT. Since then it seems like we've heard of one death after another as  the issue of gun laws, mental health care and the safety of citizens was hammered into our psyches- and of course the belief that schools should unquestionably be a safe haven for children.  And clearly they are not. So sad.  We can only pray this has finally reached a level of awareness that can no longer be ignored and will be addressed.

Beyond that, as I mentioned above I have talked to several people who very unexpectedly lost loved ones over the past several days- completely random and unexplainable deaths- a healthy 55 year old cyclist riding his bike and suddenly died, a healthy young man of 24 suddenly dead for no apparent reason.  Granted, autopsies may show obvious reasons for their death- a congenital but undiscovered heart disease?  Who knows... but they are gone.

And then the emotional angst that has come up for some- sudden rifts in important intimate relationships- which is what is suddenly present in my own life.  What I see and believe is that it is time to heal some very old stuff.  Change is being forced upon us.  In some cases it looks like relationships we thought were fairly stable suddenly have shifted and the damage seems irreparable.  I don't believe that is true even though for me it feels pretty awful and I am very raw right now.  But really I think we are (I AM) just being shown what parts of ourselves (myself) we (I) still need to heal. 

So... change is afoot. God is alive, magic is afoot.
And so- the magic... the changes...

And? For me, my great excitement is that I have been hired as a member of the Integrative Care team for Women & Infants Hospital. Still going through the preparatory stages- getting bloodwork and immunizations as I will be mainly working with oncology patients and their caregivers and family members. I have a couple more appointments at the hospital next week as well as a test I have to take so the following week I should be ready to start.  I couldn't have dreamed this up.  I tried for so long to make connections at a couple of hospitals in Florida and over the years have done some volunteer work and various events & presentations for the nurses at a couple of different hospitals in St. Pete. To actually be getting paid to do this work in a Western medical facility is what I have wanted for so long- and what I know is so desperately needed!

There are 3 different sites that I can potentially work out of- one not more than two miles from my home! The program is open to the public as well- they just have to pay a little more than the people under the care of the hospital.  I can also teach workshops for anyone who is interested- caregivers, therapists, patients, whoever... so there is tremendous potential to be doing a lot of work there.  It will be interesting because I still more than anything want to open another sound healing center up here but meanwhile... this is such an amazing way to really get into the heart of the community. I really don't know what anything is for.  I just know that this door opened and I am sure there is a very good reason for it.  And I don't have anything else solidly in place yet, nor do I want to at this time, so it's perfect and I am so grateful.

I won't say it seems to good to be true (although I could) because I think there are major paradigm shifts happening and as Bob Marley said, "Good things come to those who wait."  Look at Roderiguez!