Big Ears

My wheels are turning, turning, turning.  So much to write- so little time! Okay, let's start with the musical inspiration for the day.  I found this lovely video on YouTube of a Tibetan bowl meditation, one of the best I have heard.  Now, it sounds to me like he may have some sort of a recorded track running underneath it but I don't know that for sure.  Whatever, and however he has created it, it is really beautiful. So at some point when you have a chance just lay back and enjoy. It's quite long- over an hour- so do it when you need a little restorative or you feel like having a nice background to your yoga practice.

Last night I went up to Warwick, RI to take a class at the community college on self-publishing your book. The teacher had an emergency (we found out today) and never showed up but there were 12 of us there, some of whom had had experience in publishing in various capacities- large publishing company, self-publishing and digital publishing. So we all hung out for an hour or so and shared what information we had.

I went because I started writing a book on sound healing about ten years ago. When I opened the sound healing center I put it up on the shelf above my desk and there it remained for the next seven years. When I open it and read what I have written so far it seems incredibly relevant and I want to pick up where I left off.  I thought it would be really good for me to be around some other writers who were wanting to get published and because I was sure there would be some helpful information for me- but it was really the energy of being around other writers that I felt would be most helpful for me.

It actually worked out kind of nicely despite the inconvenience because now we are all connected and since the class was rescheduled for next week we will all get to meet up again- which is kind of great!

I also had a wonderful reading from Lee Harris today. I have been wanting to get one from him for a year.  Finally this year I decided to give one to myself for a birthday present. I scheduled it at the end of December and the first available date was today! I am very discerning these days about who I get readings from, and somewhat skeptical, I have to admit, because I've gotten so many that in the end just seemed totally bogus. From the first time I heard one of Lee's Energy Forecasts I totally resonated. I listened to some of his other readings from various venues and every time they (he?) felt at times like he was speaking directly to me on a pretty deep level and I decided I really wanted to get a reading from him.  It was amazing and so worth it.

Of course he knew nothing about me but at some point he started talking about the way I listen, the way I pick up on things around me, and the way I hear. Describing me as being almost as alert to what's going on around me as an animal- and then he said, "You have very big ears." Actually physically, my ears are tiny. An old boyfriend once told me my ears were like little dimes! So I knew he was referring to the way I hear- which reminds me of a funny little preliminary sketch  I did of a happy little man who is thoroughly enjoying his ability to hear deeply.

Then he said, "Book." Long pause. "There's going to be a book. You're going to publish a book." Okay Lee Harris, you are right on! Thank you for the confirmation.

Now- back to the big ears... What I realized from this was that the extreme sensitivity that I have experienced all my life is not because of some old family stuff, is not because I am a "spaceshot" who is easily distracted, but is truly because I am ultrasensitive both in my hearing and energetically to what is going on all around me.  I have had a sense of that for a long time but did not know for sure whether it was actually my own defensiveness that was putting that idea forth.  I know that sometimes my tendency to be easily distracted by the sound of a bird, a chime, an animal, a distant conversation, a song playing in the next room- whatever- has caused people close to me considerable frustration.  The way he described it is that I am more like an animal in the wild- the way they are constantly looking around, listening and alert to all the sounds around them.

He also said that somehow through my work I am teaching telepathy. That was very interesting too. As I thought about it it began to make a great deal of sense to me. I know that I am always stressing in my classes the importance of "deepening one's listening." This definitely means, in part, listening more deeply to one's own intuition- as well as listening to the sounds around you and exploring what sounds cause you to feel a particular way.  So for some it may very well have the result of increasing their telepathy.  One person came to me for a session who was a psychologist. During his session he had a profound spiritual healing and subsequently began hearing messages from people who had "crossed over". He realized his calling as a medium which is what he has been doing ever since!

Now... scroll back up to the top and click on those two words "musical inspiration"- or just click here-
for a really amazing journey to inner space. Enjoy!!!