Life Sounds Good!

Here I am again- weeks flying by.  The truth is that I spend so much of my time thinking about and working with sound and music that I often don't know where to begin and what to write about- but I know it's important. So today I am just going to let it flow and see what comes out.

We're in a transition from winter to spring.  The weather can't seem to make up its mind here in RI so we gets buckets of snow which lately melts in a day or two.  Today I am looking out my window at green grass and listening to the birds.

I have been obsessively recording outdoor sounds lately with the voice memo app on my iPhone.  Yesterday it was Purgatory Chasm- a split in the rocks overlooking Second Beach where the water flows in- or depending on the day slams in- and then flows out. 

Here is the view- an amazingly beautiful place... I recorded the water flowing in and out but haven't figured out how to upload my voice memos to my blog.  Soon though- I have beautiful sounds of water flowing and all kinds of short tracks of Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and more. That little invisible mic on the iPhone is pretty incredible!

So many exciting things coming up in the next few months- a workshop with Shyamji in Newburyport, MA in the beginning of April followed by the first weekend of the Expressive Arts Therapy Program I am taking this summer.  Then a long weekend with Sylvia Nakkach and John Beaulieu at John's sound studio in Stone Ridge New York, which should be pretty amazing- it will be a combination of working with voice and tuning forks. I have heard a lot about Sylvia but never experienced her work.  I am really looking forward to it.  Two more long weekends over the summer of Expressive Arts Therapy, week-long Kirtan Camp in August- ki jai!- and potentially 3 other weekends I will be able to attend with Shyamji.  This year is for me! I feel like finally I can sink back into some of the intensive sound exploration with my incredible teachers that I have been wanting to do for a while. 

I just found a wonderful book on healing with Tibetan singing bowls by Suren Shrestha which I am very excited about. It is the first book on healing with the bowls that I have found that seems to have some really authentic information about the ancient traditions of this art. I have about 50 bowls right now, my inventory grows the more I sell! I have been working on recording some, specifically have just done a recording of bowls for helping with insomnia- but again- have not figured out how to upload it so that I can make a CD. I do have the cover photo though!

This is the layout of the bowls from when I made the recording. It was very cozy- it was actually during the weekend of the blizzard and it was a perfect time to hunker down since I certainly wasn't going anywhere. I hung out near the fire and played the bowls for hours on end while learning how to work my cool new Zoom recording device! Very fun- a great way to spend a few days of hibernation.  I know that some people weren't as fortunate as I was during that storm. For me it was a good time!!!

And finally,  this week looks like I will start doing some sessions with the Integrative Care Program at Women & Infants Hospital! So looking forward to that- doing sound therapy for cancer patients which I know will be so amazing.

Right now? It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and the birds are calling me to come outside for a while. Peace out.