Speed of Sound

Yes, I know. I haven't written in months even though I think of it every day. Still moving through many transitions- from Florida to Rhode Island, caring for Mum as she moved through the end stages of her life, shifting out of a long-term relationship, moving into a new apartment after Mum died- and I have been in a bit of a funk moving too fast for so long and losing the sense of moving from my center. Feel more like I am being thrust out on the edge of some kind of centrifugal force.

Time to stop.

So today I am wandering around my apartment trying to figure out what to do first and finally remember... MUSIC.

Yes, MUSIC...

So I put on AA Bondy because it is the first thing that comes up on my iTunes- and rapture, sweet rapture! As quickly as the speed of sound hits my consciousness I am dancing in my kitchen. And I feel like myself again instead of some odd piece of driftwood floating on an unfamiliar ocean.

That's the beauty of MUSIC.  Thank you. Sometimes the answer is so close, so familiar, so simple, that we forget altogether. Sort of like looking for your glasses when they're on the top of your head- or better yet, you already have them on!