Finding Peace in the Moment

Wow... just had an amazing experience on the Somatron recliner! I have been going through major frustration having had a blocked ear for over two weeks now. The last few days it has periods where it starts to clear and then fills up again. Lying down usually helps and then when I get up in the morning after anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour it totally fills up again. Today it was worse then it had been for many days. After spending most of the day out doing errands I got home, built a fire and felt like the greatest relief would be if I could somehow hang upside down! I decided to go on the vibroacoustic recliner as at least I could put it back far enough to have my lower legs higher than my head.

I put an album on called "Qi Revolution" which Jamie Deva compiled for Jeff Primack's Supreme Science Qi Gong workshops. Just to add a little background here I will say that I attended one of these workshops and, at the risk of being very politically incorrect, was not at all impressed with the presentation. In fact I was totally turned off by it and couldn't get out of there fast enough. What I was turned on by however, was his excellent use of multimedia technology and in particular the use of music which is why I bought the CD. I had a feeling it would be great for my sound healing work. A lot of the music is by David Helpling and Jon Jenkins who are absolutely amazing and the very last track that I listened to was the one posted above by Marconi Union which is pretty incredible.

Listening to it simply as an audio experience is no doubt very nice indeed. Obviously I liked it enough when I first heard it to buy it, but now I just use it for balancing and healing- which means either I or someone else is lying on the sound table or recliner and experiencing the vibrations of the music through the entire body. So that's what I did. I put the recliner as far back as it could go, put the volume up high enough that there was a pretty strong vibrotactile response and let go for the ride.

The first thing that happened was that my ear cleared within about a minute. After that my whole body/being sort of "dropped in". By that I mean I quickly became deeply relaxed and soon all physical awareness was gone except the lower frequencies moving through me like waves. I could feel the different frequencies, especially the higher ones, sort of "pulling" at my brain, and the various rhythms and repetitive melodies short-circuiting my thinking mind, entraining my brainwaves and inducing a series of dreamlike imagery, both visual and auditory. The process seemed to quiet my conscious mind and allow my subconscious to come forth. And, although I was most definitely not asleep, as images morphed from one to the next I forgot what the one before it had been- an experience of being totally present and effortlessly letting go of each moment as it slipped away.

When I felt complete I turned it off feeling clear, cleansed, peaceful and open- wide open. Expansive...

The one thought I remember was very early on. I realized that my ear had cleared and had the awareness that the real issue was not physical. It was whether I could still be at peace if it filled up again. The ear is still open in this moment and so am I.

Stay tuned... (That's what I am trying to do!)