You Are Music

My turn- another day, another blog post! Musical inspiration- experiencing, teaching and healing- that is my life- being inspired and hopefully passing on some of the excitement I feel. Today the two words on my lips are "Tom Ze". Since I committed, about ten days ago, to blogging every day (for a week but now I don't want to stop) I have been each day looking for that spark of inspiration that makes me want to keep singing, keep dancing, keep teaching, keep writing and keep healing. Today it came from Tom Ze who I have been listening to a lot lately- particularly his most recent album "Vira Lata la Via Lactea". (Click on the title to download his album- it's fabulous!)

This afternoon I watched the film "Fabricando Tom Ze"- wonderful!- about a brilliant radical sensitive experimental musician from Brazil who has pushed the musical envelope for over 40 years, a man who almost faded into obscurity until David Byrne discovered one of his albums in a store in Rio de Janeiro in 1986. Here is an excerpt of an interview with David Byrne and Tom Ze.

Where would my life be, where would I be, who would I be without music? Music is as natural to us as breathing. Some people say they are not musical. Wrong- you ARE music! You are vibrating, you are pulsing, resonating, humming, buzzing, swooshing... waves are moving through your body in the form of raw energy, blood, lymph and all manner of bodily fluids. All the sounds you hear around you are within you. You are a solo symphony of sound and vibration, resonating with everything and everyone around you. Some you are in harmony with, some less so. With some you may feel a level of dischord- not just with people- it may be the "wrong" environment, the wrong food for you. It may be that some past trauma has caused some dischord within your vibratory being (physical, mental or emotional body) that causes you to feel like you are being "rubbed the wrong way" by a particular person, place or thing. The key is finding out how to get back in tune- whether the challenge is a flu, a thought, or a pain or any other manner of irritation in your physical or emotional body. It may not mean "curing"- it may simply be finding a way to become comfortable with that discomfort or dis-ease. Whatever is going on around you, it is always within you where you feel the discomfort and ultimately that is always the place where we must make the shift.

Tuning into our musical essence can be one of the fastest ways to restore peace. This can be as simple as listening deeply to your musical breath, the sweet steady rhythm of life. It may be playing or listening to your favorite piece of music or a simple sound like a Tibetan bowl, a flute or a gong. What is it that resonates with who you are and where you are today, now, in this moment?