Put It To The Test

Tom Ze- Emere

Time to put the brain tuners to the test. I have been sick and my left ear has been blocked for almost a week now. Today I have had no focus whatsoever. I just walk around singing this wonderful tune by Tom Ze! I don't actually feel bad physically- just a relatively mild cough, no fever, aches etc. It's just my ear and the feeling that the whole left side of my head is in a weird kind of a bubble. I have tried everything- using tuning forks on the acupressure points, homeopathic drops, garlic infused sesame oil drops, essential oils and massage around the ear, flushing with saline solution and finally yesterday I broke down and got some Sudafed and so far that hasn't done anything either!

So now I am trying out the brain tuners- the fundamental (C256 hz) and the beta tuner for focus and clarity. If I can't actually clear my ear out at least maybe I can clear my head a little and stop walking around in circles forgetting what I'm doing and where I am putting things. The funny thing is, now, about a minute after I used them I actually feel like there is some movement happening within my ear canal- and I actually do feel a bit more focused. Let's see if I can actually get something done around here!

Sorry that there is no visual on the Tom Ze "video"- but it's well worth a listen- such a sweet tune, sort of sacred and funky at the same time.

Update on brain tuner results to follow... ;-)