Peace Through Music

Things are revving up and my mind is full. There are so many things I want to write about, to say, to share, about the incredible power of music as a healing salve for the soul that my mind becomes so full I don't know where to begin sometimes. A little while ago I sat down at the computer to write and decided that I would use my alpha tuners (part of the brain tuner set) just to quiet things down enough and see where the next thread of creativity would take me. Well, the tuning forks are sitting on the desk next to me unused.  As soon as I opened up my computer this video came up and I found one more poignant, heart-rending story.

Here's Part One:

The comment below the video on Facebook struck an uncomfortable chord in me. "Never judge a book by its cover." I wondered why anyone would assume that a homeless person doesn't have as much talent, brilliance or skill as the next person.

And now... Part Two:

I love this. This video moved me to tears. I love the sound of his voice when he talks about what music means to him- and his awe at being able to sit at a grand piano, his dream. What does it mean, that a homeless person, who may have actually given up their dreams long ago, who will very likely live on the streets for the rest of his life, who is aged far beyond his years, has a dream suddenly come true- not by his own doing but by some grand and strange orchestration of the universe? Or was it by his own doing? Was it the power of his intention? Did his dream still live inside of him, in spite of his outward circumstances, deep within him still living and breathing a quiet life of its own with enough power to create a perfect moment, a manifestation of his heart's desire?

Is it really "a sad reminder that beauty and promise can be found anywhere"? Not to me. It is a happy and glorious reminder. No, his story is not happy but there is such beauty here and it speaks once again to the power of music because it is always where we are in the moment that is important. There is no point in projecting about where we are going to be or what is going to happen- the doomsday prophecy that this moment is not going to last. There may not be another moment. Any moment can be our last. These moments are precious- these moments where we transcend the confines of our life, our beliefs, our dis-ease, of gravity, of whatever is binding us. Music has the power to break these bonds- if only for a moment, but in that moment we know that there is another possibility and another reality. "It's like, you're playing... but, you forget yourself." And that is when you know peace.