AA Bondy's Back (or, Where Does the Time Go?)

Seriously I intend to get on this page EVERY DAY! The truth is I have amazing experiences related to sound and music and healing or at least one of those three EVERY SINGLE DAY- and I want to write about them- I want to share them. That is a true desire of mine.

The time slips by so fast. Amazing how real an illusion can feel. Heh heh…

Well, I couldn’t let this one go by. New song by AA Bondy, after 8 long years of… I don’t know. Couldn’t tell you. He’s been quiet. I only know that I loved AA Bondy from the first song I ever heard by him… which was? Don’t remember, a whole lot of his music hit me at once. My son Moose loved him (still does, turned me on to this song earlier today) as did my friend Devon and suddenly there was a lot of AA Bondy around.

So, he has released this one song as a preview to his new album which is being released in full on May 10. I think I have listened to this at least 8 times today- the last time on YouTube through my TV which is hooked up to my stereo. One more thing, his house burned down in the California wildfires the day after he completed the album- which is called “Enderness” by the way. Life is so weird.

Belly-Dancing Baby (or, The Crying Game)

Queen Mother Belly-Dancer, Barb Donahue
For most of my life dance was part of my personal therapy. It was something I had to do- with live music. So, it was the combination of the music and rhythm. I have always loved free-form dance, which was basically either modern, when I was a teenager or just dancing to rock n' roll. In the last fifteen years my dancing has been less and less frequent. Up until then I had always gone out dancing a minimum of once a week, but typically 2-3 times at least.

The funny thing is, when I met my ex- boyfriend Henry in 1998, who I lived with for 14 years, I rejoiced that I had finally found my dance partner! I loved dancing with him. When we lived in Sarasota we would go out and dance as often as possible, but when we moved to St. Pete in 1999 we never really seemed to find the good music. Also, he was highly sensitive to cigarette smoke so he didn't want to go dancing in bars where smoking was allowed- and I no longer wanted to go dancing by myself because I had someone I loved to dance with. It just felt weird to go out by myself. So, over the years, instead of my joyful dancing increasing, it just gradually fell away (and, needless to say, my weight went the opposite direction).

I split up with Henry three years ago, relocated, and up til now have not gone out by myself to find the music. At sixty, and single, it just feels a little weird. So, in desperation, this past week I went to my first belly-dancing class! Oy... I went because I want to get back in my body, I want to get my body back in shape and because I love to dance. The catch is- there are steps. There are moves! Oh my, how challenging this was for me. It brought up all my old stuff of feeling stupid in front of other people, one of my biggest emotional triggers. I started crying the second the class ended and cried my eyes out on the way home! Of course I told Barbara, my friend and teacher and the other women who were there (since I clearly wasn't going to be able to contain my tears until I left) and they were so sweet and understanding. Barb told me that she has had other women who came to her class, started crying and left and never came back so she was pleased and congratulated me for staying!  Nonetheless, it opened up a deep dark well of old stuff for me.

The thing that became clear to me from this process was that I don't know how to laugh at myself. I never have. My early years were filled with people picking on me, laughing at me,  and making fun of me- to some extent within my family but particularly throughout elementary school. I was tiny, I was painfully shy, I had few friends, and I was very vulnerable- an easy target. I came home from school in tears almost every day for many years. So now, if I am going to do this (yes, I will go back next week) I am either going to have to cry my way through it til all my crying is done- or- I'm going to have to learn to laugh at myself! You'd think at sixty I'd be over this!

(And of course there is all the stuff around all the emotions and trauma we store in our gut, in our belly, not to mention having four kids in five years. That has not escaped me.)

So, my dance therapy turned out to be therapeutic in a far different way than I imagined! My challenge now is to dance my way through the all the emotional stuff to find the joy that is underneath it. I know it's there waiting!

Touched by the Warmth

Update: Leading a chanting group in Newport, RI early tomorrow morning.

It is an interesting challenge to try to recreate the feeling in my home that I had at my sound healing center; such a very different venue in all ways except the intention, which was and is to create a warm and welcoming space for all lovers of sound and music to experience and explore the healing power of music, sound and frequency. I guess I am succeeding. This is the very sweet message that was sent out by Carol Dutton, the organizer and host at Emmanuel Church, as a reminder about tomorrow's group. I was really touched by her warmth and sincerity.

Dear Friends
I am happy to say Rosie Warburton will be leading our chanting session tomorrow in the All Saints Chapel, Emmanuel Church from 9 am to 10:30 am.  I met with Rosie last week at her beautiful log cabin  in the woods in Tiverton.  When I walked in her door I felt at peace as I looked around her living room which was filled with singing bowls and musical instruments.  Rosie has a separate room for her sound healing sessions.  I felt so very fortunate to be in her presence, chanting with her.  I am truly blessed to have her in my life as I learn and experience healing through the power of sound.  I hope you can join us for a very special chanting session.  May today and every day bring you peace, joy and happiness.  Namaste, Carol

Music Is My Sustenance

I am making a point to get out and listen to more live music- even if I have to go by myself... Another one of the realities I have to get used living alone for the first time in my life!

Last week I saw Eliza Gilkyson. She was wonderful- irreverant, funny and a fabulous singer/songwriter/performer. Tonight I am going to see Joan Armatrading whom I have always loved and wanted to see live. I wasn't going to go because I knew I'd be going by myself. Then I thought, that is ridiculous. That is crazy. Music is my sustenance! So I am going- and so looking forward to it.

Tomorrow night I am going out to hear Geoff Muldaur , a founding member of the Jim Kweskin Jug Band back in the sixties. I saw him once in 1974 when he played at the Salt Tavern in Newport with his then-wife Maria Muldaur. I love his voice.

Very excited about that, but most of all to see Joan Armatrading tonight, whose music has always touched my heart and my emotional body so deeply. Here she is  singing one of her most poignant songs.

Sweet Dreams

Last night's dream concert led to a night of deep sleep and rich dreams. Our experienced has been enhanced by drinking raw cacao with various other herbs added to it- the most intoxicating to me is the touch of rose which is completely intoxicating.

John Beaulieu~ "The dreamtime concert is an environment for incubating dreams".  Looking forward to sleeping tonight.

Silvia Nakkach~ "Music has oceanic possibilities".  She says she is the Minister of Transportation. Indeed. Her music transports us to wondrous places!

Inner Tuning

"Slowly the musician is tuned, ever so slowly; doing nothing but playing." ~Patrick Smith~

Earlier this evening I had decided that I was going to write about how I have observed music healing my brother, who decided when he turned fifty that he wanted to play the guitar. Tonight I went to listen to him play at an open mic. I am constantly astonished at how much better he has gotten over time. He is persistent and dedicated to his practice- and I have observed the guitar tuning him, both physiologically, his voice due to the resonance of the body of the guitar against his own body as well as his emotional body. It has been a beautiful journey to witness.
When I got home and opened my computer to write, the first thing I saw was a blog entry by Patrick Smith which ended with the above quote. It could not have been more apropos. To read the rest of his blog entry click here.

Musical Toilets and Synchronicity

If I could have any toilet in the world, this would be the one I would want. Unfortunately it belongs to someone else.

Three years ago, when I went to Holland the first time, my friend Jane Tipping and I decided one day to go to the medieval town of Amersfoort to go shopping. Jane had heard it was great place to shop and she finally had someone to go with!
The tall narrow houses in Amsersfoort, which form the perimeter of the town, were built from a fortification wall that surrounded the town in the 1300's. In the 1600's another wall was built around the inner one as the town was growing rapidly and the inner one was used as the foundation for the Muurhuizen, or wall houses.

We hadn't been there but about ten minutes and were walking down the narrow street on the perimeter of the town when we were stopped by an old man who insisted we come into his house and see what the buildings look like from the inside. I think his name was Fritz (or Frans?)...
 We were mildly uneasy about going into a persistent old man's home- but he WAS persistent and we were ready for an adventure so in we went! He had a crazy little place that was FULL of knick knacks- but when I first walked in the house I looked around a corner and found myself looking in the bathroom at the toilet pictured above. I know that usually a toilet is not the first sign that you are in the right place unless you have to pee really badly, but I was there to teach a sound healing workshop. Sound and music were very much my focus, as they tend to be most days and there was this wild musical toilet. I couldn't believe it. I did indeed take it as a sign from the gods that we were in exactly the perfect place!

It turned out, needless to say, that he was a musician- a stand-up bass player- and that his whole family had all been musicians. His father had been a musician- I think maybe his mother had been a singer and his sons were both musicians. He had a picture of his father as a very young man with a group of musicians- maybe an orchestra or something. I don't remember the details but it was all just great, funny and as magical and synchronistic as anything in my life. I had the feeling I had just walked into some crazy, dreamlike, divinely orchestrated scene that I couldn't possibly have dreamed up on my own!

He tried to get us to go up the very narrow stairs to see the upstairs but we managed to escape at that point. The picture below is Jane looking slightly unnerved and clearly ready to leave at this point! I have often wondered whether it was just a weird synchronistic event or if he actually just hangs out outside of his house accosting every obvious tourist and stranger that walks by. Was he lonely or was he just an old man who was totally turned on by the heritage of his town and his family and wanted to share it? Who knows, but I am leaving for Holland on Tuesday and my guess is that very soon Jane and I will be headed for another shopping spree in Amersfoort (we found some great clothes there the last time!) and I am definitely wondering whether we will run into Fritz and his musical toilet again.

This Morning's Musical Moment

Ice violin
First thing when I woke up this morning I grabbed my phone, did my usual check-in to see what the weather was going to look like and then went to my Twitter account to see who my new followers were. This knock-your-socks-off mind-blowing fiddler/violinist was the first to show up. I read the little blurb on her Twitter page: "Genre-defying fiddler (or was that violinist?); exuberant fireplug of a session-player-to-the-stars (Led Zeppelin, The Chieftains, Blue Rodeo, James Taylor)" and thought, "Holy shit- who is this person?" Exuberant fire-plug?! How could you not be intrigued by that, even if you didn't love the fiddle as I do? I followed her from Twitter to her webpage and boom! Here was this video. Wow! What a way to start the day! I was seriously blissed out- grinning from ear to ear.

Music... what a gift! With music there are no boundaries. It cuts through all the chatter, all the bullshit and just allows you to get down and get real! Sometimes it's nice to get all philosophical- or scientific- about this stuff and talk about what it does, how it heals, why it heals, what's going on in the brain, etc., etc., but other times you just have to cut to the chase. That is what this music did for me.  It brought to myself, to what is real- here and now- and, I might add, in no time at all! This clip is only 2:02 minutes long.

Thank you Anne Lindsay for following me on Twitter- you seriously rock! My world got a little bigger today.
Mongolian Shaman...

Connecting With Clay Through Sound

Still getting back in the swing of things after a week of intense pain, then sudden almost miraculous relief, followed immediately by having a group of 5 ceramic artists stay at my house last night. Two of them are my dear friends Devin McDonald, ceramic artist extraordinaire and Brian Ransom, musician, ceramic artist and maker of exceptional ceramic instruments. The other three were Brian's top students at Eckerd College. They were all up in RI for the NCECA Conference.

The visit was wonderful although I was in too much pain up until yesterday to be able to attend any of the conference other than one opening last night.

Below is video of Brian Ransom, Barry Hall- author of From Mud to Music, his wife Beth Hall and Eric Peterson playing an assortment of ceramic instruments at a show in Highlands, North Carolina. Unfortunately when I filmed it I didn't realize I couldn't zoom in and out without the camera muting, so there are some interruptions but it does give you a good idea of the variety of instruments and the beautiful sounds that are possible when such talented people are playing them. All of the instruments were made by the musicians.

And on that note, here are a few pictures of one of Brian's students who totally connected with an udu I made in Brian's studio a few years ago! An udu is a ceramic vessel originally made to carry food or water but which doubles as a percussion instrument with a unique sound reminiscent of Indian tablas.
Udu in the making- Rosie Warburton

Peace Through Music

Things are revving up and my mind is full. There are so many things I want to write about, to say, to share, about the incredible power of music as a healing salve for the soul that my mind becomes so full I don't know where to begin sometimes. A little while ago I sat down at the computer to write and decided that I would use my alpha tuners (part of the brain tuner set) just to quiet things down enough and see where the next thread of creativity would take me. Well, the tuning forks are sitting on the desk next to me unused.  As soon as I opened up my computer this video came up and I found one more poignant, heart-rending story.

Here's Part One:

The comment below the video on Facebook struck an uncomfortable chord in me. "Never judge a book by its cover." I wondered why anyone would assume that a homeless person doesn't have as much talent, brilliance or skill as the next person.

And now... Part Two:

I love this. This video moved me to tears. I love the sound of his voice when he talks about what music means to him- and his awe at being able to sit at a grand piano, his dream. What does it mean, that a homeless person, who may have actually given up their dreams long ago, who will very likely live on the streets for the rest of his life, who is aged far beyond his years, has a dream suddenly come true- not by his own doing but by some grand and strange orchestration of the universe? Or was it by his own doing? Was it the power of his intention? Did his dream still live inside of him, in spite of his outward circumstances, deep within him still living and breathing a quiet life of its own with enough power to create a perfect moment, a manifestation of his heart's desire?

Is it really "a sad reminder that beauty and promise can be found anywhere"? Not to me. It is a happy and glorious reminder. No, his story is not happy but there is such beauty here and it speaks once again to the power of music because it is always where we are in the moment that is important. There is no point in projecting about where we are going to be or what is going to happen- the doomsday prophecy that this moment is not going to last. There may not be another moment. Any moment can be our last. These moments are precious- these moments where we transcend the confines of our life, our beliefs, our dis-ease, of gravity, of whatever is binding us. Music has the power to break these bonds- if only for a moment, but in that moment we know that there is another possibility and another reality. "It's like, you're playing... but, you forget yourself." And that is when you know peace.

The Sync Project

This just popped up on the radar. I have been very busy today sorting out paperwork- aaaaaarghh!- and suddenly here comes this brilliant inspiration about which I am wildly excited! The Sync Project- THESYNCPROJECT.COM- all about researching, understanding and harnessing the healing power of music. In my world it doesn't get much better than that.
Please check it out!!!
And while you're at it- watch this video if you haven't already seen it. And of course if you have, then I have no doubt that you will want to watch it again! And then you will absolutely want to watch the movie Alive Inside! So inspiring!

Sound Inspiration

Here are just a few of my favorite movies about the power of sound and music to unite and to heal:
  • Genghis Blues- The story of blind Chicago-based bluesman Paul Pena, his personal discovery of Tuvan throat-singing and his ensuing visit to the Republic of Tuva, a tiny country on the northern edge of Mongolia.
Tuvan shaman dancing near Kyzyl
  • 1 Giant Leap: In short, watch the video below. This is one short excerpt- absolutely exquisite. Musical duo Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto traveled to Asia, Africa and India recording tracks on their laptops and then having other brilliant musicians from around the world laying more tracks over them and interviewing fascinating minds such as Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, Dennis Hopper and many others- a blend of philosophy and music. Music unites individuals, cultures and minds. Music brings out people's inner innate joy. Watch the movie and clear the room so you can dance your way through it, because you will want to!
  • The Story of the Weeping Camel: A most surprising and fascinating documentary. A nomadic Mongolian family's newest camel colt is rejected by its mother. As a last resort, after trying everything they could to get the mother to accept her newborn, the family brings in a musician to perform a very special ritual.

If you've already seen all three of these films contact me- there are many more I can recommend! What am I going to do tonight? Get out my flute and my drum, clear some space in my living room and watch 1 Giant Leap again!

Sarasvati, She Who Flows

The goddess Sarasvati is the Hindu deity of learning, creativity and knowledge- the goddess who revealed language and writing to man. She is the consort of Lord Brahma, the creator in the Hindu trinity. In the Vedas, Sarasvati is personified as a river goddess. At one time the Sarasvati River was the greatest river in India, originating in the Himalayas. The goddess Sarasvati is "She Who Flows." All of the creative endeavors that flow through us are through the grace of Sarasvati. When we begin any creative project it is helpful to invoke the Mother Goddess of art, music, language, learning, literature, science. Her flowing energy purifies our mind and provides the stream of inspiration just as the water cleanses and purifies the earth and our bodies. She is also called "She who dwells in sound."

Today I spent the afternoon practicing the harmonium, singing sargam, and practicing a Sarasvati chant in the "bilawal thaat"- which, in Indian music, is the equivalent to the Western major scale.

Here is a beautiful Sarasvati raga by my teacher Silvia Nakkach. Enjoy!

Who is Tingsha Bobo?

Tingsha Bobo has been a rare but most welcome visitor in my life. I have experienced the gift of his wonderful ability to touch people's hearts and tickle their funny bones only twice in my life. The first time was on my 50th birthday several years ago ("several" is more than 3 but probably less than 10, yes?). Last Saturday he reappeared as if by magic while a few family members and I were in the midst of a celebration for my mother's 90th birthday.

I decided to write about him in this blog because sound is one of the vehicles he uses to transport people into his world of magic. His recent visit was quite short- no more than 7 minutes altogether- but during that time he played a small didgeridoo which he pulled out of his knapsack as well as a set of Tibetan tingshas (presumably where he gets his name) and a small rattle. When he appeared at my birthday he brought out a long haunting flute and quickly brought a group of 50 or so people under its spell. Both times he has combined the gifts of music and laughter, two of the best medicines known to man. We also discovered that he has a marvelous voice when he unabashedly serenaded my mother with her favorite birthday song! Anyone who has ever had a birthday in her presence has heard her sing that song. How did he know???

I have been looking on line for a derivation of the word "Bobo" which seems to be a fairly commonly used name for a clown. So far this is the most interesting and seemingly relevant bit of information I have come up with:"Who is Boo-Boo the Fool? A listener wonders if this African-American character has any relation the Puerto Rican fool, Juan Bobo. Martha draws a connection to the Spanish term bobo, meaning “fool,” and its Latin root balbus, meaning “stammerer”. Grant notes that the name Bobo has been extremely common for clowns since at least the 1940s, and the bobo/clown/jester character is prevalent in most all cultural folklores, be they African, South American, or Anglo-European."

So, if anyone were to ask me "Who is Tingsha Bobo?" (which they occasionally do since we have an extra line for him on our phone just in case someone needs to reach him for some laughter and song- hopefully we could call him in through the ethers) from my brief introductions to him my answer would be that he is a clown, a very sweet clown, who uses music as his medium- although I suspect he has some other tricks up his sleeve (or in his knapsack) that have yet to be revealed.


Music and the Emotions 4.20.11

I have a particular fascination with the fact that certain music can evoke such a powerful emotional response- part of what makes it such a powerful healing modality... that it can assist us in accessing deep places within ourselves of joy, angst or ecstasy- sometimes taking us on a white water raft trip and sometimes a gentle sail on a balmy sea and ultimately deposit us back on the shore feeling soothed, peaceful and whole once again.

Daniel Levitin, author of Your Brain on Music, psychologist and researcher has been exploring this curious power that music has over us for many years. As more and more study is being done in the field of psychoacoustics- the effect of music on the mind- scientists are beginning to get clues about this phenomenon. Yesterday there was a fascinating article in the New York Times Science Section which actually followed up one written several years ago specifically about Mr. Levitin's works and his book. This latest article has some very interesting input from a number of musicians as well, including Paul Simon and Bobby McFerrin.

Enjoy the read. This may actually open up to an interactive page where you can listen to different pieces of music and then enter your response. If the link doesn't work (I couldn't find hte "embed" code) then just cut and paste the url. It's worth it if this topic is even mildy interesting to you.


3.9.11 Forever Young

Watched the movie "Young at Heart" last night, which follows a senior citizen chorus from Northampton, MA over a period of six weeks as they prepare for a concert in their home town. The music is great- songs by James Brown, Talking Heads, The Clash, The Police, Bob Dylan- and the old folks ROCK! I showed it at my sound healing center and was disappointed that so few people showed up- four to be exact (besides me). It is such a wonderful inspirational movie and I cannot imagine how anyone would not love it, so I felt badly knowing that so many people missed it. It speaks to the power of music, and in this case singing, to bring people together- to connect, uplift, inspire, empower, heal, motivate, and above all to keep the spirit alive.
Here they are doing a song by Kurt Cobain... totally cool!

12.19.10 Sound, Healing and Money... What is Sacred?

Earlier this year I received a sound healing session from a friend. She didn't want any money for it. She said she had been guided by Spirit to offer these sessions free of charge. It was quite a lovely session, very powerful and beautiful. The word "transcendent" comes to mind because it really lifted me out of my body and carried me to another dimension. It didn't change my life. It did add to my experience and wonder of the ability of sound to transport us to other realms and realities and remind me again of why I so love this work. The curious element was the discussion that followed and her very strong stance that it is wrong to charge money for the sacred work of sound healing.

The day before yesterday I took my last $100, which I had been saving to buy stocking stuffers for my family and paid the electric bill at my sound healing center, which was due to get shut off. While I was out doing that the internet service was disabled for nonpayment. So, I have sound and money on my mind.

Part of what was put forth in the aforementioned discussion by the woman who gave the session was the idea of trust. Specifically she said, "What ever happened to the idea of trust? That if we do the work Spirit will take care of our needs?" Apparently for her it does. I have no idea whether she has other employment- a "day job". My day job is putting all my effort, energy and time into running a sound healing center, trusting that I am doing the right thing, and that even on what sometimes looks like the thinnest of shoe strings (like this week!) that my needs and the needs of the center will be taken care of!

I confess that I am feeling defensive right now and irritated at the implication that charging money for my sound healing sessions suggests a lack of trust. Or that money is inherently "dirty" and soils whatever (and whoever) it touches. Interestingly I spent years undoing my own belief that "money is bad". So maybe for me this whole conversation was actually reflecting that back to me, inviting me to look at that old belief again to see if I have really healed it. (Judging by my bank account, maybe I have a little more work to do!)

I have had a sound healing center in Florida for almost 6 years- the Sound Body Wholistic Health Center in St. Petersburg. I had no money when I decided to open the center. (You say "Well, you must have had some." No, I had none!) It was initiated by clear direction from Spirit and is continually supported by love, prayers of gratitude and an abundance of TRUST. Financial support and and sufficient income have been sorely lacking and every month that I am able to come up with the rent seems to be a miracle and I see the hand of Grace in all of it.

Most people love sound and music, they seek solace, comfort and healing and they want to learn simple of ways of healing themselves. Most people have music to listen to, many have instruments and we all have a voice. With a little more clarity of purpose and consciousness of how to use the tools already available to us we can greatly enhance our sense of well-being.

I provide a service. I am very clear about this. If I drove a bus- providing a service... say, to a special needs population?... no one would question that I should be paid for it. "Well of course, there's gas, there's your time, there's maintenance to keep the bus running, etc." Is driving a bus for those who need the service, for whatever reason, any less sacred than offering a sound healing session for someone in need? If we put the word "sacred" in front of the word "sound" does it preclude an energy exchange from the person receiving the treatment? Both persons in any relationship should have the opportunity to give and to receive in equal measure in whatever form is befitting, comfortable and appropriate for the situation and the people involved.

Is it less sacred to give than to receive? Is there any difference between the two? I think not. A Course in Miracles puts it like this, "To give and to receive are one in truth."

11.30.10 Wholistic Hearing

I used to hear with my ears. Now I often seem to experience "hearing" with my whole body. I spend so much of my time working with so many forms of sound- tuning forks, acoustic instruments, crystal and Himalayan singing bowls and listening to and experiencing the vibrotactile effect of music as part of my treatments. I have always had an extreme sensitivity to sound and for many years as I have immersed myself in the field of sound healing, I have developed a tremendous curiosity about the evolution of hearing from an essential tool for survival to a sense which can transport us to realms of ecstasy.

In the last several years however I have also become aware of a new level of experiencing sound within my own body, especially peripherally. It seems to be a reactivation of this ancient instinctual awareness of sound. A door opens into the room, I hear a voice breaking through the every day ambient sounds, at night lying in bed I hear the rustle of a possum or raccoon outside and my whole body reacts. It feels as though the entire surface of my body- my skin, my pores, the fine hairs on the surface of my skin- instantly respond to these unexpected sounds.

I watch body signals and am extremely attentive to my clients response to sound and music during sound healing sessions- is it too loud? Too quiet? Is it time for a different instrument? Is the air conditioning too loud? Is the singing bowl harmonious with the music? The bass too strong? I am in a constant state of meditation and on another level on constant alert while giving a session- a very interesting balance. Often it is just an inner knowing that tells me it's time to make a change in the music or place my hand on their solar plexus.

In this moment as I am examining this process I am thinking that it is the attention to my intuition that has led me to a greater sensitivity within myself to the sounds around me. It is interesting and also sometimes disturbing to be so acutely sensitive. The gift is that it allows for a tremendous sensitivity to facilitating the healing process, allowing the body to gently finds its way back to balance through all the subtle changes that can occur during a sound healing session.


Sound is a catalyzer- it has the ability "to produce fundamental change in; transform", specifically the bioenergetic system, and in fact all matter when used with intention and understanding. Wholistic Sound... therapeutic sound, healing sound, sacred sound... all varying shades in the spectrum of wholistic sound, all have the power to heal and transform us from the inside out and from the outside in.