Inner Tuning

"Slowly the musician is tuned, ever so slowly; doing nothing but playing." ~Patrick Smith~

Earlier this evening I had decided that I was going to write about how I have observed music healing my brother, who decided when he turned fifty that he wanted to play the guitar. Tonight I went to listen to him play at an open mic. I am constantly astonished at how much better he has gotten over time. He is persistent and dedicated to his practice- and I have observed the guitar tuning him, both physiologically, his voice due to the resonance of the body of the guitar against his own body as well as his emotional body. It has been a beautiful journey to witness.
When I got home and opened my computer to write, the first thing I saw was a blog entry by Patrick Smith which ended with the above quote. It could not have been more apropos. To read the rest of his blog entry click here.