Holland's Calling

Whoops- up since 6:30 preparing for my departure tomorrow- almost forgot about my blog! My two things I have managed to stay consistent with for some time now- Weight Watchers since last June and blogging daily since January. WW success is 22 pounds so far. I would like to lose another ten (at least). My fear- that I will get derailed from both of these and lose my momentum. If I can maintain my current weight I will be happy with that because it is so hard to travel and not gain- at least for me.

As far as my blogging, that will be another challenge- mostly because I anticipate being so immersed in everything I am doing that I will just forget about it! I hope that's not true. I hope that I will discover that I really have developed a strong enough habit that it will be fairly automatic for me to find a time to sit and write.

Also, the fact is that I will not be as distracted in some ways being there as I am in my own home where there are constantly interruptions and distractions. In some I ways I think my world may be a bit quieter there as I will not have nearly as much access to my phone, family and friends as I do here.

So, it will be interesting to see which way this goes. One thing good- it's 6 hours later there so all my posts will show up 6 hours earlier than they usually do!!!

So, since this is where I'll be the day after tomorrow, I am posting a video of a session I gave with Himalayan singing bowls at a workshop in Utrecht, Netherlands, when I was there in 2012. The person I am working on is my dear friend Paul Goudsmit who hosted me last time, along with his partner Jane, and with whom I will be staying for the next three weeks when I return. Enjoy!