You Just Have To (Let Go and) Go!

Okay, slightly angsty... Sitting in Logan Airport trying to get used to new iPad. I don't usually get so anxious. Only my second time flying to Europe though... Fortunately my son Nic and my grandson Jonah kept me company on the ride to Boston. Nervous about silly small things which don't mean a thing- so I guess I'm just nervous and making up reasons to be so!

At least I have an opportunity to write a short update... Plane leaves for Amsterdam at 9 p.m. Will arrive in Dublin in the morning with an hour and a half layover and then off to Amsterdam. Jump on a train and my friend Paul will meet me at the train station in Amersfoort. I know once I get there I'll be fine.

Not that there is anything specific I am afraid of- just letting go of the familiar I guess. I am excited and I adore Holland and I adore my friends and I will be in the bosom of people who love me!

The last time I went my mother was alive to cheer me on. I got the invitation when Paul and I were on a Skype call, early 2012. I went downstairs and told my mother and said I had just been invited to Amsterdam and she said "Well, you have to go! That's all there is to it- you just have to go!" So I called him back, we made plans and in March of 2012 I was there. I haven't had alot of tears or sadness around her dying. It was so natural and perfect and I had so much wonderful precious time with her, but today I just keep hearing her voice saying, "You have to go!" and I miss her. I wish she was here to cheer me on. And I know that wherever she is, she is doing just that.