Writing on Borrowed Time

Arrived today totally exhausted. nauseous on the plane last night which never happens for me- maybe because of a latenight in-flight dinner.

Back spazzed up from hoisting my bag with Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks onto the train in Amsterdam. When I got back here I immediately got in the hot tub to relax my back and then took a short nap. Too tired to take in Paul and Jane's beautiful spot but will enjoy it tomorrow before taking off to see the tulips! This is the last week. Paul told me that next week they cut the heads off them so they can sell the bulbs!!! Made it in the nick of time.

According to the clock on my iPad it is now 12:15 a.m.- I can't even believe I am still awake- but for those of you in the states this is actually an early post for me.

Given my current state of exhaustion I'm not going to try to write any more than this-  instead I am sharing this totally cool video Paul just played for me- enjoy!