Sacred Voices

Yikes, I got so sidetracked by day to day stuff today that I forgot to write until just this second! It's past midnight but the day is not over. Having a large piece of furniture delivered tomorrow and had to clear a space, move a bookcase and reorganize.Everything else went by the wayside!

Listened to a CD today that a small group of us recorded when I had my sound healing center in Florida- chants with flute, guitar and tamboura. There was a core group of us who used to get together every week and chant- we called ourselves Sacred Voices. Some of the voices changed from week to week but some were pretty constant. It was so nice to revisit that period of time and sing along with y old friends again.

I know there are more, a lot of recordings that need to be uploaded- concerts, small groups of us chanting together and Sound Journeys. Compiling it all is something to look forward to. It will be a good project. I need a computer tutor who can help me put it all together!

I wish I had some videos of us- but I do have videos of some of the sound healing sessions so tonight I will post one of those on here.