Sound Exploratorium

Well, I have spent the last hour in frustration. Now I have to let it go. I had a video I wanted to upload here but I have to get it into iMovie first (I think). For whatever reason my file menu is not showing me the option I need to import it ("Import") so I am stuck. Time to get unstuck.

I have tried to upload it directly to here and that didn't work either.

I took a walk in the woods today and discovered the most wonderful underground stream that flowed under the rocks I was walking on. The sound was so magical, creating a resonance as it flowed under the rocks.
I took a video of the stream and wanted to post it here. The other thrill when I was walking was the sound of a bird that sounded so much like a human whistling that I was a little uncomfortable at first, wondering if someone was messing with me. I started imitating though and it just kept answering back and I could tell by that it was going from tree to tree by the change in direction of where the sound was coming from- unless there was actually a ventriloquist hiding in the woods who had the ability to throw his voice!