And Then There Was Paris

Life and times have been oh so full lately! I have sat down at this computer many times and just as quickly had to get up and attend to something else. So, since my last post I have been to Florida and back, done three Sound Journeys- including one house concert and one for oncology patients at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence- plus created and posted a new Sound Healing Workshop for February 2016.
Florida was intense, emotional and productive. Nice to be in the thick of emotional stuff and still be able to get done what needed to be accomplished. Basically I was there to go through books and others odd and ends that I had left at my old boyfriend's house where we lived together for many years. Funny to say "boyfriend"- it sounds so temporary but it was a definitely a long-term relationship and we had lived in that house together for close to 14 years. So there was stuff around that, and then going through boxes in the garage that had books and papers I hadn't looked at in over 15 years- I found some treasures from when my kids (now all grown men) were young and that was such a treat, like this poem written by my son Moose when he was about 14.
Some were funny, some were poignant- sadly having to throw out some of my favorite books from when I was a child because the covers had fallen apart and it was just too painful to hang on to them in that condition.

And then there was Paris.

What can I, or anyone, even say about that? Another violent tragedy. Like everyone I know I was affected deeply. My heart ached, my mind was confused by the violence. I didn't know about it until a few hours after it happened. I was in my car with a friend on the way to Sarasota when we found out- just another day in paradise. We chose not to look for several hours and when I got back to where I was staying I went online and began reading the news. I was afraid to watch the videos. I found myself having to avoid the commentary that followed the news posts because they were so hateful... more violence, more attacks... just on a different level... But where do you draw the line? What level of violence is acceptable? Angry hateful words? I think not. I cried a lot, checking in on the outside- the news- and then checking in on the inside. What do I do with this information, these feelings of deep sorrow? I was up very late, unable to sleep.

In the end I slept about 4 hours. I had a Sound Journey to perform the next day and that is not enough sleep for me. I woke up feeling somber and very internal. I moved through the day thinking about this latest event. No doubt there were many other acts of violence committed on that day, as there are every day, but this one was loud and in our face. I became grateful for the opportunity to create a space of healing with sound, to somehow change the energy for at least some of us.

Sound is a carrier wave for intention, as I have said before. The thought I carried with me throughout the day before the Sound Journey was that we had all felt the reverberations of the violence that had occurred in Paris. I knew that I was in a place of vulnerability and heightened sensitivity due to my lack of sleep and emotional state. I considered taking a nap during the day but didn't have a lot of time. My tendency is to think I need to be "on" and certainly well-rested to do my best work but in this case I decided to use my vulnerability as a catalyst for the healing session rather than as a hindrance.

Before the Sound Journey I spoke about my process and what I was feeling, including my fatigue which everyone shared. I said that, as we felt impact of the attacks, we had an opportunity to send out vibrations of an entirely different nature and made the request that we allow the free flow of healing to be carried forth to wherever it was most needed on the waves of sound. The thought I held was the 45th Principle of Miracles from A Course in Miracles:
     A miracle is never lost. It may touch many people you have not even met, and 
     produce undreamed of changes in situations of which you are not even aware.

I think that everyone in the group experienced deep rest and relief that evening. One of my close friends who was there had a significant physical healing which she shared at the end. It was a beautiful intimate evening and I felt deeply grateful that there was some small thing that I could "do", that I could offer, to bring some relief to perhaps a handful of people, perhaps more of whom I am unaware.
Before the Sound Journey, talking about Paris...