Tuning Fork Workshop

Tibetan Bowl Layout
Layout changes as session continues

Grounding with Tibetan Bowls
More bowls- this session on Youtube

Afterglow in the Soundweaver

Preparing for Circle of Sound

Crystal Bowls at 1st Unity, St. Pete, FL

Deva Premal borrowed my tamboura!

Healing demonstration at workshop

Henry bowling at 11.11 Meditation- Sound Body

Henry giving didge healing at workshop

Jim Pepper's saxophone- Smithsonian

Sound Body celebrates!

Healing Sound Garden

Outdoor bells by Rosie

More garden bells

Julie Horvath, 11.11

Fred Johnson, Katurah Robinson, Fundraiser for Sound Body Center at International Bazaar

Jai Kirtan Camp Ki Jai!

Healing Session with Tibetan Bowls

Henry and Rosie Sound Journey at the Longhouse

Bliss Bunnies

Icelandic Map Drum