The Art Of Sound & Letting Go

This is a very good demonstration of cymatics, the study of waves- in this case clearly showing how sound organizes matter. I love that the higher the sound frequency is, the more complex the wave pattern.  And why do we love music so much? It's not just the effect on the emotional body, but the effect on our cells. Fabien Maman demonstrated this beautifully with his photographs of how healthy red blood cells are affected by sound, as well as cancer cells. Many more photographs can be found in his book The Role of Music in the 21st Century. 

I am leaving my sound healing center In Florida that I have nurtured for the last 7 years and going back to Newport, RI, my ultimate comfort zone, for a while. No idea what the future holds- who does? Lol! Hopefully I will find lots of work there teaching, giving private sessions and doing meditations and sound journeys- continuing to do what I love. Also I will be near my mother, two of my sons and daughter-in-laws and my amazing grandson Jonah which will be such a blessing.

Florida for me has been the Land of Exponential Growth- that's what happens when you live in a place that goes against pretty much every aspect of your nature- physical, mental and emotional- you grow and grow and grow! The one oasis I have had has been the Sound Body Wholistic Health Center. As a dear friend said to me a few days ago, I have kept it going with sweat and adrenaline against some very difficult odds. It has been my labor of love. And I am so ready to let it go! Sad, but ready...